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Every report has an “assigned use”, sometimes called the “function”. It is the reason the report is being done and answers the question: “Why do you want the information?” Without knowing what the report will be used for, the appraiser can’t advise you on the correct type of report to fit your needs.

You may not need a formal appraisal; another type of report may serve you better. Sometimes, you may need more information than a single use report can provide. The following is a guide to help you decide which of our services meets your needs.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us to determine how we can best serve you.

Assigned Use (The Reason the Appraisal is Needed)
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1. I need to have it insured.

2. I bought it on the Internet and need to be sure it is as represented and matches the “cert.”

3. I just bought it and want to be sure I got what they claimed and that I paid a fair price.

4. I just want to know if it is “real” or authentic, but I don’t need to know the value.

5. I want to try to sell it, and will be showing the buyer the appraisal.

6. I want to sell it and just need a “ballpark” estimate of the quality & value for my own use.

7. I’m thinking of buying it.

8. I’m thinking of trading it.

9. I’m donating it to charity and want to take a tax deduction.

10. I want to divide an estate equally among the heirs.

11. The item is gone or damaged and my insurance company needs a value to compensate me.

12. I want to be sure the insurance company accurately replaced the item.

13. I’m planning my estate or I’m putting everything in a trust.

14. I’m getting a divorce and the marital property needs to be divided.

15. I’m filing bankruptcy.

16. I’m executor of an estate that is subject to Federal or State inheritance or other taxes.

17. I was robbed and want to deduct the casualty loss on my income tax.

18. I just want to know more about it, like the age, maker, quality and what it’s made of.

19. I want to document its place in our family history so future generations will know who owned it, why and when it came into the family and what it is worth at this point in time.

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