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Please note that no market research is conducted for any of the services listed below. Therefore, no monetary value opinions are offered. Ethical requirements preclude the gemologist from offering unsubstantiated value opinions. If the client requires value information, then an appraisal report is necessary. On-site services available.

Gem Identification:

Identification services utilize all necessary testing procedures to establish the species and variety of a gemstone. Mountings may preclude positive identification in some cases. Origin of color determination in fancy colored diamonds or suspected HPHT treated diamonds and diffusion treated corundum may require the appropriate report from the GIA-GTL or AGTA Lab at additional costs that will be quoted before they are incurred. This is the only service that includes the option of a verbal report.

Qualitative Analysis:

Qualitative analysis determines the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of gemstones as well as the gold content and relative quality of craftsmanship of jewelry mountings and authenticity of watches. Verification of grading reports from other laboratories for items purchased on the Internet is an example of this type of report. Gem identification is the first step in quality evaluation and is included in the analysis report. A diagram of inclusions is included for diamonds 1/2 carat and over.

Damage reports:

The purpose of a damage report is to verify and document the type and extent of damage to a gemstone or item of jewelry. Some types of damage are inherent in the daily wear that jewelry receives, such as abrasion of facet junctions in colored gems. Other damage may result from accident or abuse such as a shattered watch crystal. This type of report provides a judgment of the probable cause of the damage and the extent that it may influence future durability. Photomicrographs of the damaged area are included with the report.

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